Professional Carpet Cleaning and Instructional Video

The Link between Carpet Cleaning and Good Health

There has to be a regular schedule for upholstery and carpet cleaning. Despite regular vacuuming, dirt and dust do accumulate over time. That is why you need a professional. Although professional service may be expensive, it is a necessity that you should not overlook. How often you do it will depend on how quickly your carpet gets dirty. On an average, a yearly service by professionals is recommended. However, for carpets used in areas where the traffic is less, it can be deferred up to 18 months.

Assert – Divert – Convert

This is a short humorous Youtube video outlining 3 basic keys to selling carpet cleaning.

Three basic sales tips to remember when  it comes to carpet cleaning are:

1. Assert Confidence in your ability.

2. Divert attention to resolving the problem the client would like corrected.

3. Convert to the sale.

Dirty carpets can pose serious health problems, especially respiratory problems as it spoils the indoor air. In order to lead a healthy life, it is important to clean carpets as scheduled, even if it appears to be clean. The health-damaging elements are not visible to the naked eyes, and can even exist in carpets that apparently look clean.

The nuisance value of carpets

carpet-cleaningHow bad can dirty carpets be for our health? It can be just too bad! It can wreak havoc for people suffering from asthma and related respiratory problems. From children to the elderly, none would be spared from it. Even allergic problems of skin are common. The problem is that it is not always scheduled in the way it should be addressed. It is often overlooked till the time it smells or looks awfully dirty, but by then it gets too late. Fungus, molds, bacteria and other health harming elements take shelter in carpets. The toxins liberated from cleaning agents, pesticides, and paints are also arrested inside carpets. The trappings in an old carpet can accumulate up to eight times its weight of these dreaded elements.

Health hazards from carpets

Here are some reasons why clean looking carpets can also pose a great health risk. Actually, clean looks of carpets do not ensure that bacteria, fungus, molds and other harmful elements are absent. If not deep cleaned regularly, the following risks are often common:

• Eyes and skin are affected – Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that affects the skin on the feet, and it is caused by dirty carpets. Children experience itch and rashes, which also occur due to dirty carpets. Fungus and bacteria that find a place inside carpets usually release spores and multiply rapidly. This is accelerated when combined with moisture derived from spillages on carpets, and the result is there for all to see.

• Allergies – If people experience allergic problems like sinusitis while inside houses, the possible cause is allergens hiding inside carpets. Medications are often futile unless the root cause of dirty carpets is addressed. The problem aggravates if you have pets at home. Dander, dust mite, pet hair, fungus and recycled dust are harbored by dirty carpets. These sources of allergens will make life miserable.

• Respiratory problems – The majority of respiratory problems are tracked to allergens. Carpets are safe homes for allergens derived from pet dander and skin flakes shed by pets. Proteins from feces, saliva, and urine of dogs and cats also create health hazards. Carpets are the best places where you would find these.

Steam Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaners use steam, which is most effective among all other cleaning methods. They use a combined method involving extraction and steaming after washing carpets with cleaning agents. Cleaned carpets are finally dried and made ready for use. After a professional cleaning, carpets are able to regain their aesthetics. This thorough carpet cleaning also drives away bacteria and other health harming elements.

You are able to enjoy a better quality of life after carpets have been cleaned.

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